King Mackerel Prepared by a Master Chef

330 poster

Of all the photo shoots I have been on over the years this one for Grady-White is among the best. There are several reasons why. I had been wanting to do a shoot for Grady-White for awhile. I like boats. I grew up on the coast and always knew about Grady-White boats, some of the best built. I even worked for a boat company at one time.

Five of us spent a week in July on Bald Head Island. Joining me were two assistants, the art director and Charlie Adams, President of Adams and Longino Advertising.  We stayed in a condo that was connected to the same dock in the photo. So every morning before sunrise we would leave the condo, walk down the dock to photograph this one boat for a couple of hours. We repeated the process in the afternoon until sunset. Although the boat never moved, we got a variety of looks with different light, skies and camera angles. The rest of the day we spent talking, resting or going to the beach. But what made this shoot unique was Charlie. Charlie is a master chef. He prepared these amazing night time meals with fresh seafood. The most memorable was the smoked King Mackerel. The end result was a poster in color and a black and white ad and one of the best weeks ever.


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